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Don Clark created the Original Clark Submarine Sandwich back in the 50's, at his original store in Morrellville. One of the key ingredients that put this sub on the map was bread that was baked daily at the Cambria Home Bakery. Don used only the freshest and finest of deli products, and an abundance of TLC...Tender Loving Care! He always stressed to all of his employees that each bite must taste the same, whether the end or middle of the sub.

Over the years, the menu grew to satisfy the growing number of customers and now has a full range of cold and hot subs. The sub is a perfect meal all wrapped up in one package...includes your protein, salad, bread, and total enjoyment. It can be served as an hors d'oeuvre (always the first to disappear at a party!), a boxed lunch, or the entree for dinner.

Since the 90's, Clark's has been baking their own bread daily (only after receiving approval from all the Clark uncles! ) and have maintained the standard for quality set by Don. Stop in and enjoy a hometown favorite!!

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